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 100kN Universal Testing Machine

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100kN Galdabini Universal Testing Machine
Machine Specifications

The 100kN or 22,000lb. universal testing machine is the highest capacity benchtop materials testing system in the world. The machine can test metals, composites, and reinforced plastics in both tensile and compression. Virtually any ASTM, ISO, or other standardized mechanical test can be programmed into the machine using the Graphwork 6 software from Galdabini.

ASTM D7078 -  V-Notched Rail Shear Testing

ASTM D1002 - Lap Shear Tensile Testing

ASTM D3787 - Ball Burst Puncture Testing

ASTM D2412 - Plastic Pipe Compression Test


The testing machine uses different types of grips and fixtures to perform the intended testing procedure. Along with grips, the systems can also include deflectometers for bend and compression testing. Extensometers are also available for tensile testing. 


Every Galdabini machine is manufactured and certified under ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and include a 1-yr. manufacturer's warranty.

After-Sales Support

Each Galdabini machine includes full system support. The machine can be remotely accessed, diagnosed and fixed online anywhere in the world. Galdabini machines are used for critical manufacturing workflows in over 100 countries. 

Calibration verification of the load cell and general machine maintenance can be performed by any local field calibration professional. 

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