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 25kN Universal Testing Machine

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5000 lb. Universal Testing Machine from Galdabini
Machine Specifications

The 25kN or 5,500lb. universal testing machine is capable of testing to virtually any ASTM standard. This system uses the industry standard clevis pin adapter to attach any type of grip or fixture. By changing the grips, the machine can be used to test under different procedures including tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel, and many more.

ASTM D6862 - 90 Degree Peel Test

ASTM D1414 - Rubber O-Ring Tensile Test

ASTM C307 - Tensile Test on Mortar Briquette

ASTM D751 - Coated Fabric Tensile Testing


The machine can be accessorized with high fidelity video extensometers, temperature chambers, or protective plexi-glass cages for safety. Additional data acquisition channels can be added for strain gauges and deflectometers used in bend testing. The Galdabini machines are the most flexible and customizable universal testing machines in the world.



All Galdabini machines are manufactured under a strict ISO 9001:2008 certified quality control process.

After-Sales Support

Every Galdabini machine includes lifetime remote support directly from the manufacturer. TeamViewer is used to remotely access the machine and diagnose any potential issues.

Calibration and maintenance can be performed by any local force calibration professional.

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