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ASTM E2298

Instrumented Impact Testing on Metals

Standard Test Method for Instrumented Impact Testing of Metallic Materials

ASTM E2298 covers impact testing for both Charpy V-Notched samples (CVN) and miniaturized Charpy V-notched samples (MCVN). The impact tester is outfitted with additional sensors and instruments in order to collect more data on each test.


In addition to total absorbed energy,  the instrumented impact test can measure force, energy and displacement. This additional data helps to better characterize the fracture behavior of the metallic material.



The CVN and MCVN samples are prepared in the same way as described in ASTM E23 and ASTM E2248 respectively.  



A Galdabini Impact tester can be used to perform the instrumented Charpy tests. The size of the machine will depend on the strength of the metal specimens. For instance, testing on steel may require a larger machine than for testing aluminum. 


Along with the Impact testing machine, UGC also supplies broaching machine and Charpy chilling machines for cooling down the samples. 



ASTM E2298 provides a series of advanced calculations for analyzing the test data. The general yield force, the force at brittle fracture initiation, and the arrest force are just a few of the calculations that can be made. 


Similar Specifications:

ASTM E23 - Charpy Impact Testing on Metals

ASTM E2248 - Miniaturized Charpy Impact Testing on Metals



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