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Texture Profile Analysis

Fracturability Testing Fixture
Hardness - Texture Profile Analysis
Cohesiveness - Texture Profile Analysis

Cohesiveness describes how well a food retains its form between the 1st and 2nd chew. Meats have high cohesiveness while peaches have low cohesiveness properties.


This Cohesiveness value is directly related to the tensile and compression strength of the food.  


Fracturability can be tested with a few different types of fixtures. The small metal ball is popular for chips since they are often eaten individually. For foods that are eaten in groups, a larger fixture such as a Kramer Shear Cell may need to be used. 


The calculation for Fracturability is very similar to hardness and just involved taking the peak load reading of the first significant peak. In many cases, Fracturablity and Hardness can be the same value.

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