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Grips for Fatigue Testing

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Fatigue testing grips are used on dynamic universal testing machines to test sample specimens over multiple cycles. These special vise action fixtures are capable of both tensile and compression forces. A solid block is used to backstop the sample and create compression. The sample is gripped laterally by tightening the screws on the side of the fixture. 

Fatigue testing grips are custom designed and machined to order. They take a few extra weeks for delivery.   These grips are machined from hardened steel and designed for high durability. 

10kN Fatigue Grips.jpg
10kN Fatigue Grips.jpg
10kN Fatigue Grips

THe 10kN mechanical fatigue grips are great for lower scale testing. 10kN is equal to about 2,250 lbs., so this grip is more than capable of testing many materials in the biomedical field. The fixture is available for testing both rounds and flats. 

Cut Sheet
50kN Fatigue Grips.jpg
50kN Mechanical Fatigue Grips

The 50kN mechanical fatigue grips can test samples using both compression and tensile force. This fixture is machined from hardened steel and then phosphate coated to ensure it is corrosion resistant. Grip faces can be customized to accommodate for the sampe, For instance a grip face of 2x4" (HxW).

50kN Fatigue Grips.jpg
100kN Mechanical Fatigue Grips

The 100kN fatigue testing grips are made from nickel coated A6 tool steel and can withstand a wide range of temperature and humidity ratings. The jaw faces are serrated and can handle samples 100mm wide and 60mm deep. These grips attach onto the dynamic universal testing machine by means of a high thread count fatigue stud. 

Quick Action Fatigue Grips.jpg
Quick Action Fatigue Grips

Switching samples in and out can take a long time, especially if there are many screws to tighten. The quick action fatigue grips uses oversized bolts to secure the sample. This configuration does not work for every application, but the oversized bolts can help reduce the time in between testing because there are less screws to tighten between each test. 

Fatigue Grip for Environmental Chamber.jpg
Fatigue Grips for Environmental Chambers

Many fatigue tests are performed at elevated or low temperatures. Nickel alloy plated fatigue grips are attached to long tubes so that they can fit inside of the chamber. Universal Grip offers temperature chamber add-on kits to fit any dual column universal testing machine. 

Fatigue Grips for wide samples.jpg
Fatigue Grips for Wide samples 

Extra wide or extra thick samples can be tested using a custom designed fatigue grip. The picture shows a grip for testing samples up to 40mm wide and 20mm thick. The tightening screws have been removed to show more detail on the fixture. 

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