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Floor Standing Universal Testing Machines

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Galdabini's line of floor standing universal testing machines range from 200 - 2,000 kN.  These machines are capable of performing tensile tests up to 450,000 lbf. These types of heavy duty tensile testers are used for testing metals and carbon fiber composites in structural sizes.  


Electro-mechanical testing systems are lower maintenance compared to the alternative hydraulically driven UTM. The cross-head positioning and control speed is also much more precise on electro-mechanical. The machine design also allows for flexibility and smaller scale testing.


Galdabini offers some of the finest large format electro-mechanical floor standing universal testing machines in the world and they are available in the USA exclusively from the Universal Grip Company. 

ASTM A370 

Material Testing on Steel

200kN Universal Testing Machine.png
Quasar 200 kN - 45K lbs.

The Quasar 200kN is capable of testing alloys, base metals, and other types of lower-strength metals. Universal Grip offers a large array of fixtures and grips that can reach up into these higher loads. 

250kN Galdabini Universal Testing Machine
Quasar 250 kN - 52K lbs.

The Quasar 250kN is a large dual-column tensile and compression testing system. The machine can be used for both static testing, as well as low frequency cyclic testing. 

600kN tensile testing machine with hydraulic grips
Quasar 600 kN - 130K lbs.

The Quasar 600kN uses hydraulic or pneumatic wedge grips to secure the sample. The Micron extensometer is used to measure elongation on the samples.

Quasar 225K lbs. - 1,000kN

The Quasar 1,000kN system utilizes special grips to test at these extremely high loads. This large machine is used to test the highest strength materials in the world. Structural samples are usually tested in this type of machine. 

1,000kN High Strength Universal Testing Machine
2,000 kN Electromechanical Testing Machine
Anchor 2
Quasar 450K lbs. - 2,000kN

The Quasar 2,000 by Galdabini is the largest commercially available electro-mechanical universal testing machine in the world. This system weighs close to 5,000 lbs. and is well over 8 feet tall. This system is used in metal foundries across the world to test the highest strength steels and other metallurgy. This type of machine offers several advantages over hydraulic testing systems.

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