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Tensile Sample Milling

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Mini CNC

The Mini CNC Machine from Tensile Mill is used to mill and cut tensile testing samples. The Mini CNC is used in situations where the material is too hard to cut with a traditional press & cutting die.

Metals such as Aluminum & Steel as well as hard plastics can all be milled using this easy to use CNC machine. The embedded software allows the user to automatically set the sample type design. Once the stock material is loaded, simply press Go and automatically mill up to 20 samples at a time in under 5 minutes!

Training & Support

This CNC machine requires 0 programming knowledge and 0 prior CNC experience.  Quality Managers can quickly train new technicians in minutes with this easy to use tool. 

Universal Grip offers installation, training, and remote support to keep you up and running, milling tensile testing specimens with speed and ease.


Quality & Value

The Mini CNC machines are manufactured here in the USA and come with Universal Grip's price beat guarantee. All electronics are non-proprietary. The CNC machine can also be fully unlocked using G-code to handle a number of different tasks beyond just making tensile samples. 



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