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Clip-On Extensometers

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Universal Grip is a global distributor of Epsilon Extensometers and Strain Gauges. 
How to use a Clip-On Extensometer 

The Clip-On Extensometer is one of the most basic types of strain gauges used in conjunction with a material testing machine. The device uses a Wheatstone bridge configuration to measure the direct strain measurement of the sample. Extensometers are critical for higher level calculations such as Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio. 


Universal Grip works directly with customers to specify the correct Extensometer configuration for each machine. Universal Testing Machines built within the last 15 years are very easy to work with. 25 pin D plugs from Amphenol are the most common type of connectors used.  Most machines such as Instron, MTS, ADMET, Shimadzu, United, Zwick will have a Data Acquisition card built-in and ready to handle strain measurement. If the machine has a strain measurement channel, UGC can help find the correct connector and cable assembly for you.

Clip-On Extensometer


Universal Grip's line of clip-on extensometers are easy to calibrate and set up. Universal Grip does not provide any certified calibration services. However, these extensometers may be calibrated by any professional third party calibrator. Universal Grip also offers digital electronic extensometer calibrators for laboratories and professional calibration houses. 


Extensometers are assembled to order based on the exact specifications of the customer. Our Universal Clip-On Extensometer is suitable for most basic tensile testing applications. If you do not see what you need, Universal Grip can help find you the most suitable solution. 

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