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Founder, CEO and Chief SEO Architect

Born and raised on the North Shore, Frank is a manufacturing and sales veteran, previously holding positions at ADMET, Axcelis, Keyence, SICK, and VDC Research. Frank holds a BS in Physics and Mathematics from Villanova University. Drawing from a wealth of sales and marketing experience, Frank identified a market opportunity and founded the company based on 2 principles - Efficiency and Honesty.


The Universal Grip Company was created in order to provide the world with increased access to material testing knowledge and products. Through this increased access, UGC hopes to make a lasting contribution to science and technology. 



Chris earned his Mechanical Engineering degree at Fairfield University and handles the day to day operations at UGC. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, Chris is the conflagrant engine behind the business. Through the use of unconventional metric tracking, such as Actions Per Minute (APM) and Tasks per Hour (TPH), Chris delivers immense value both to UGC and our Customers.


CT approaches each day like a game of speed chess. If you can click faster, type more accurately, and complete more actions in a set period of time, you will win. He fondly refers to this approach as a HEAD game (High Efficiency Analytical Decision making). If you have a question or need, Chris has you covered, times 5. 


CMO, Creative Director

Jules earned her Marketing and Art degree at Fairfield University with Chris and is the creative inventor for Universal Grip.


Drawing from a lifetime of artistic reverie Jules has developed UGC's marketing newsletters, logos, and handles most of the photography and videographic content that promotes our brand on the web.


Alongside her artistic talents, Jules is also well versed in Google Analytics and UGC's website optimization. Jules is a student in the art of perspective and gleans inspiration for her work from pre-Davinci artists such as Filippo Brunelleschi and Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi (Donatello).


Juliana, Chris & Frank Bertini


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