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Compact Benchtop Universal Testing Machine

Our Customers

Customer Spotlight - Galdabini UTM - Ford Motor Company

In April 2017, the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Michigan purchased a Galdabini machine. The Quasar universal testing machine was commissioned to perform material testing  and analysis on advanced automotive materials. The installation at Ford Motor Company demonstrates Galdabini's compelling value as a global supplier of high quality materials testing systems. 


Customer Spotlight - Grips - The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Rose-Hulman, located in Terre Haute, IN, is one of the premier engineering and mathematics universities in the midwest. Ray Bland was recently tasked with outfitting his biomechanics research lab with new testing equipment.  After purchasing two I-brand material testing systems, he needed to outfit them with fixtures beyond the standard tensile grips that came with the machines.


After some online research, Ray found Universal Grip and reached out to us.  Ray had a fixed budget and was looking to purchase an array of different testing fixtures. One of the key goals was to have the same testing functionality on both machines.


UGC was able to quickly diagnose the machine adapters and offer a solution. With the correct adapters, Ray would have access to the entire product line. Universal Grip was able to supply 2 sets of compression platens, 2 pairs of roller grips, 2 bend fixtures, and several adapters for about the same price as 1 pair of grips from the leading manufacturer. Both labs now have a complete setup for tensile testing on dermatological tissue, bend testing and fracture testing on osteoid tissue (bones), and compression testing on cartilage.


OEMs and UTM Machine Builders




Dillion/Quality Plus





Home Depot





American Standard Brands

BAE Systems

Franklin Products

Shields Bag & Printing Co.

Environmental Protection, Inc.

Agseed International

Ply Gem Industries

Duramax Marine

Western Extrusions

J+J Flooring

TBDN TN Company

Wacker Chemical Corporation

DECA Aviation

Quadrant Plastics

Diversified Silicon Products




Haag Global

Laminators Inc.

Smith Optics

Nucor Steel

Carbon 3d, Inc.

Strand Products

Hyperloop One


New Balance

Franklin Products

Western Extrusions

Motorsport Engineering Research Center

Server Technology Inc.

ZSX Medical

ATI Metals

WorldView Enterprises

CASAS International

Fabric Span

Graphene Technologies


Independent Labs:

Progressive Engineering

RKG Enterprises

Vartest Laboratories

Azelis Americas

St. Louis Testing Laboratory

Future Labs

Michigan Testing Institute

Universities and Research Institutions:

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Rutgers University

University of Wisconsin - Madison

University of Miami

Ohio State University

Iowa State University

UC Davis


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 



Galimor - Mexico

Polplas - Canada

TexoFib - Saudi Arabia

Representaciones y Distribuciones Fal - Mexico

IACSA - Mexico

Michelman - Singapore

Hologic - Costa Rica

Thrace NG - Greece

Metlabs - Australia

Unimed Praha - Czech Republic

Geoplast - Thailand



Heavy Duty Universal Testing Machine
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