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Metals Industry Guide for Materials Testing




















The Metals Industry has been plagued by overcapacity over the last few decades. Emerging countries like China and Brazil have invested heavily in this space via state-owned enterprises which has lead to widespread price deflation. While commodity metals are now mostly manufactured overseas, there are still many companies in the United States who are involved in higher value metallurgical businesses. Universal Grip has compiled this industry guide to provide metal industry professionals with all they need to know about tensile, compression and impact testing of metal.


Universal Testing Machines for Metals Testing

There are four main components to a UTM:

      1.  Frame

      2.  Software/controls

      3.  Load Cell

      4.  Grips

      5. Accessories - extensometers for tensile testing and deflectometers for bend and compression testing.


Impact Testers for Metals Testing

There are two types of impacts tests, Izod and Charpy. Charpy Impact Testing is used for most (99%) of all metal impact testing.


      Charpy V-Notched Impact Testing - ASTM E23



Testing Procedures for Metals

Please use the links below to explore each test:


       Tensile Testing for Steel - ASTM A370

       Bend Testing for Steel - ASTM E290

       Compression Testing -  ASTM E9



Galdabini Metals Industry Catalogue



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