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Galabini Universal Testing Machine

Material Testing Systems


Universal Grip offers a full selection of material testing systems. Whether its advanced materials science, or simple pull testing, we have the right system to meet your needs without straining your budget. With the right grips and fixtures, material testing systems can perform a wide range of physical mechanical testing. Tensile Testing is most common, followed by bend testing, compression testing, peel testing, and shear testing, among many others. 

Manual Force Testers - Lowest Cost with very limited performance. Manual Force Testers are great for specific situations and basic tensile testing. With a digital gauge, the load reading can be accurate to about +/- 0.5%. The Manual testers can also be outfitted with a force gauge for higher accuracy load measurements. 

Motorized Force Testers and Tensile TestersUniversal Grip sells and supports Mark-10's full line of force testing machines. These systems are perfect mid-tier material testing systems and are great for quality and manufacturing labs with focused needs and limited budgets.

Universal Testing MachinesOperated with a PC and offers full control and data analysis. Galdabini's Quasar line of testing machines are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility and are unmatched in quality, flexibility and performance. 

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