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Universal Grip has a unique distribution focused business model within the material testing market. Without the overhead of a large manufacturing outfit, we can stock popular items which reduces both our lead times and costs. In-stock inventory allows Universal Grip to solve more problems for more customers, including sourcing constraints for Universal Testing Machine OEMs across the globe.

This page features all of our current in-stock inventory which can be shipped same-day or next day. 





500lb. (2.5kN) Galdabini Machine

This brand new machine resides inside of a dessicated, sea-worthy crate and can be configured with any grip in order to perform ASTM style tensile or compression testing. The machine ships complete with a calbrated 500 lb. load cell and the full Graphwork 6 software suite. The system uses the standard 5/8" clevis style coupling.

Laser Extensometer
3 point Bend Fixture

The 3 point bend fixture is most commonly used to perform ASTM D790, however it can be used for other tests as well. This fixture has fixed contact radii of 5mm, commonly noted at R5. The widest possible span between the two points is about 150mm. The bend fixtures uses the female 5/8" coupling.

Environmental Chamber
1,000lb (5kN) Vise Grips

The 5kN Vise grips are our most popular vise grips. Since they are so popular, we can offer them at a great value. In stock jaw options for the vise grips include 30x50mm (HxW) serrated jaws as well as rubber jaws. These vise grips have a female 5/8" coupling

ASTM D3787/D6797 Ball Burst Fixture

The ball burst fixture uses a 25.4mm or 1" diameter ball which penetrates into a 44.45mm hole. Both ASTM tests use the exact same fixture and are used for test burst strength on textile specimens. Both the top and bottom of the fixture have a female 5/8" clevis coupling with a 5/16" locking pin hole.

Arbor Press
8kN Manual Arbor Press

The 8kN Arbor press can be used in conjunction with a cutting die in order to create ASTM specimens. This smaller press is ideal for cutting elastomer, rubber, and thin plastic samples. Arbor press includes the connection adapter used to attach the cutting dies.

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ASTM D412 - Type D Cutting Die

ASTM D412 specifies a few different sized cutting dies. Type D is one of the most popular and is available and in-stock.

ASTM D412 Cutting Die Type D.jpg
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