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Support for Universal Testing Machines

After Sales Support
Each Galdabini testing machine that is sold comes with full application and system support. Through the use of the TeamViewer program, the materials testing system can be accessed and diagnosed remotely. Galdabini's systems feature non-proprietary electronics from German PLC manufacturer Beckhoff and Phoenix Contact. Parts for all standard systems are held in stock which makes any repairs easy and timely. Universal Grip is trained and certified to provide repairs and support within the continental US and eastern Canada.
Direct support is available in English from Galdabini between 5am and 1pm, EST.
Galdabini supports machine installations in over 95 countries.
TeamViewer remote access

Each Installation of Galdabini's Graphworks 6 or LabTest program includes a customized version of the TeamViewer software. This program allows either UGC or Galdabini support technicians to remote into your system and diagnose any potential issues. This feature can be turned off for security purposes. 






Universal Testing Machine support

Both Universal Grip and Galdabini can be contacted for support. 


Support Hotline:
ASTM Specific Support

Universal Grip offers extensive support and advice for performing specific test procedures. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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