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Plastics Industry Guide for Materials Testing


















Materials Testing Systems are used in many different industries. A system used for plastics testing might differ greatly compared to a metals testing system. Universal Grip has compiled an index of curated and relevant industry specific knowledge.





Over 20,000 facilities make up the plastics industry in the United States. Plastics is the third largest manufacturing industry in the US and supports roughly 1 million jobs. Universal Grip estimates that there are between 5,000 to 10,000 installed universal testing machines that are used to test plastic. Benchtop tensile testers used in this industry are generally below 10kN (dual column) and in many cases can be single column (2.5kN). 


Universal Testing Machines for Plastics Testing

There are four main components to a UTM:

      1.  Frame

      2.  Software/controls

      3.  Load Cell

      4.  Grips

      5. Accessories - extensometers for tensile testing and deflectometers for bend and compression testing.


Impact Testers for Plastics Testing

There are two types of impacts tests, Izod and Charpy. Impact Testing for plastics is usually performed at lower forces around 1-25 joules. 


      Plastics Notched Charpy Testing - ASTM D6110

      Plastics Notched Izod Testing - ASTM D256

      Plastics Unnotched Impact Resistance - ASTM D4812




Testing Procedures for Plastics

Please use the links below to explore each test:


       Tensile Testing - ASTM D638

       3 pt. Bend Testing - ASTM D790

       4 pt. Bend Testing - ASTM D6272

       Compression Testing -  ASTM D695



Galdabini Plastics Industry Catalogue



Software for Wood Material Testing Graphworks 6 is the flexible and easy to use software that powers every Galdabini testing machine. The software has many features and is highly configurable based on the exact test being run. Universal Grip can preload your machine with a standard library of test methods, or help customize a test based on your standards. Multi-phase tests and even slow-rate cyclic fatigue testing can be performed using Graphworks 6. Both Galdabini and Universal Grip are available for software and system support through a specialized version of the TeamView.
Plastics Testing with Universal Grips
ASTM D4812 - Unnotched Impact Resitance
3 pt. Bend Test on a universal testing machine
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