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Material Testing Services for ASTM Procedures

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The Universal Grip Company provides a full range of testing services for ASTM procedures such as bend, compression, peel, puncture, tear and tensile testing. The tests can be performed up to 500 lbs. on a calibrated Galdabini universal testing machine. Individual testing reports can be generated which can include critical measurements such as ultimate tensile strength and elongation. Using the sophisticated Graphwork 6 software, advanced analysis can be performed on the data to derive Young's modulus or do custom calculations.

Universal Grip's testing services are geared towards smaller companies who are performing early stage R&D testing and may not be able to afford a testing machine, or expensive testing services from more traditional 3rd party labs. Our lab is ideal for materials manufacturers working in the adhesives, plastics, and textiles industries. 

Turn around time for most tests is about 1 week. If the test requires a special type of ASTM fixture that is not in stock, it will take a few extra weeks in order to get the fixture manufactured and delivered. 

Bend Testing 


Flexural Analysis is performed using either a 3 point or 4 point bend fixture. 

Compression Testing

ASTM D695 - ASTM D3574

Compression Testing is peformed with compression platens. The sample is crushed and the indentation force deflection is measured. 

Puncture Testing:

ASTM F1306 - ASTM D3787 - ASTM D6797

Each specific ASTM puncture test uses a different type of specially designed puncture fixture. 

Peel Testing

 ASTM D903 - ASTM D3330 - ASTM D6862 - ASTM F88 - ASTM D1876 - ASTM D3811

Peel Strength testing is performed on a variety of specific peel test fixtures, or at different angles.

Tear Testing


Tear tests are performed to measure the tearing force and propagation of a material.

Tensile Testing

ASTM D638 - ASTM D412 - ASTM D3759

Tensile testing on specimens up to 500lbs is available using our Galdabini Quasar 2.5kN.




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