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Our Commitment to Quality


Every universal testing machine supplied by Universal Grip is manufactured under an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing process. Most machines that are sold in the United States and globally are really just "assembled" by the respective OEM, with key mechanical and electronic components outsourced to unnamed vendors. Many of the large public companies in this space have moved their mechanical assembly manufacturing to the Far East. These companies have even started offering machines with plastic cross-heads to save on costs and increase shareholder value. 


Galdabini takes a different approach, believing that the key to success relies in owning the core competencies of the technology and manufacturing process.  


Purchasing a universal testing machine from a company that is not ISO certified can be risky. Along with the general breakdown risk, it is impossible for the end-user to obtain their own ISO certification without a certified testing machine in their QA/QC lab. Servicing these types of machines is also difficult because they often include propriety electronics. 


Galdabini's premium line of machines are designed to last for 20, 30, 40 +years. Sleep well at night by investing in an easy to use system from a reputable, certified manufacturer. 




























All of our grips and accessories are supplied by longstanding (30+ year) vendors from either the United States or Europe.


Each Grip undergoes a rigorous validation test to full capacity before leaving the manufacturer. Additionally, Universal Grip independently verifies the condition of the grips before they reach our customers.


Grips are only sold after a thorough engineering review to ensure the success of the application. 


All products are guaranteed and tested to work as specified. Please see the individual product for warranty information.

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