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ASTM Specific Fixtures for Universal Testing Machines


Certain ASTM tests require a specialized fixture in order to perform the correct procedure. 100's of ASTM specific grips exist. Most are used in conjunction with a universal testing machine, however there are some which are standalone fixtures.


ASTM Specific fixtures include the climbing drum peel test, coefficient of friction test, many shear tests, and the popular 90 degree peel test. These types of unique grips can expand the capabilities of a standard universal testing machine and allow it to perform a wide variety of ASTM procedures. The Universal Grip Company offers the largest collection of specialty grips in the industry. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.


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ASTM D1414 - O-ring Fixture

This motorized fixture is designed to test rubber O-rings. The fixture turns at an adjustable speed while the machine pulls the sample in tension. Please see the ASTM D1414 grip page.

ASTM D1894 - Coefficient of Friction

This package involves several pieces. The frictional surfaces can be changed which makes this fixture extremely versatile. Please see the ASTM D1894 overview for more information.

ASTM D1781 - Climbing Drum Peel 

The Climbing Drum has a few different variations based on the diameter of the drum as well as its width. Please see the ASTM D1781 overview for more information.

Floating Roller Peel test Fixture
ASTM D3167 - Floating Roller Peel

The Floating Roller peel fixture is used in conjunction with a bottom tensile grip such as a vise or self-tightening roller grip to perform ASTM D3167

ASTM D3787 Puncture Fixture.jpg
ASTM D3787 - Ball Burst Puncture

This puncture fixture uses a 1" diameter ball to burst through fabric, geo-textiles, or non-woven material. The ASTM D3787 fixture is identical to the one for ASTM D6797.

180 degree peel test fixture glass
180 Degree Peel Fixture

The 180 degree peel testing fixture provides an ideal rigid surface in order to perform the peel test. Steel or Glass versions are available for testing ASTM D903 and similar peel strength tests.

ASTM D4964 Band Clamp Fixture
ASTM D4964 Tensile Band Clamp Fixture

The ASTM D4964 Tensile Band Clamp Fixture is used to test elastomeric fabrics.  The sample is a loop band and it is pulled apart by the two dowel pins on the fixture.

ASTM D695 Compression Fixture
ASTM D695 - Compression Fixture

The ASTM D695 fixture is used between two compression platens. The fixture suspends the sample in a vertical position so that it can be loaded evenly. 

ASTM D732 - Plastic Punch Tool 

This tool uses compression to punch a 1 inch diameter hole into a plastic sample. Please see the ASTM D732 overview for more information.

ASTM D6862 90 Degree Peel Test Fixture
ASTM D6862 - 90 Degree Peel Fixture

The 90 degree peel fixture is a popular item. Setting up the apparutus involves anchoring the pulleys behind the load cell. Please see the ASTM D6862 overview for more information. 

ASTM B913 Fixture
ASTM B913 - Wire Pull off Test Fixture

The ASTM B913 fixture is a shoulder type tensile grip for performing pull off tests on wire crimps, plugs, and connectors. The disk shaped chuck can be adjusted according to the gauge width of the wire. Available at both 20kN and 50kN. 

ASTM B565 Aluminum Shear Fixture
ASTM B565 - Double Shear on Aluminum

The ASTM B565 is used for shear testing alumnium bolts, rivets, rod, and wire. This test is known as double shear test because the shearing force is induced on two sides of the aluminum specimen

ASTM D1871 Rubber Wire Pull out Fixture
ASTM D1871 - Rubber Wire Pull out Adhesion

The ASTM D1871 fixture is used to measure the adhesion of tire bead wire which is embedded into a vulcanized rubber matrix. A bottom grip is used to pull out the bead wire and the maximum force is measured on the tensile testing machine. 

ASTM D2229 Fixture
ASTM D2229 - Pull-out Fixture

The ASTM D2229 fixture is used for testing the adhesion strength of steel tire cords inside a vulcanized rubber matrix. This test is similar to ASTM D1871, however the fixture design is slightly different and is designed for larger, more robust testing specimens.

ASTm D2290 Plastic Hoop Tensile Strength Fixture
ASTM D2290 - Plastic Hoop Fixture

The ASTM D2290 fixture is used to measure the apparent hoop tensile strength of plastic pipe. A thin cross section of pipe is cut and mounted around the two hemispheres of the fixture. The fixture is then pulled apart from both ends. 

ASTM D2344 - Short Beam Shear Fixture
ASTM D2344 - Short Beam Shear Fixture

The ASTM D2344 fixture is used for testing high-modulus fiber-reinforced composite materials. The specimen is loaded in 3 point bending on samples with a minimum of 2 mm or .08" thickness. 

ASTM D6641 Combined Compression Loading (CLC) Fixture.jpg
ASTM D6641 - Combined Loading Compression

The ASTM D6641 is used for combined compression loading of polymer matrix specimens. 

For more information, please see our guide on the D6641 CLC Fixture

ASTM D3354 - Plastic Film Blocking Load Fixture
ASTM D3354 - Blocking Load Fixture

The ASTM D3354 is used to measure the blocking load force of plastic films. Blocking is an undesirable characterisitc of smooth plastic films to adhere to each other when in very close contact.  The test area is 10 x 10 square centimeters. 

ASTM C297 Grip
ASTM C297 - Flatwise Tensile Fixture

The ASTM C297 Fixture is used to test the adhesive strength of composite sandwich constructions. The sample is glued to the square blocks and then pulled apart. Multiple sets of blocks are available for preparing more than one sample at a time.   

ASTM C307 Fixture
ASTM C307 - Briquet Tensile Grip

The ASTM C307 fixture is specially shaped for standard sized monolithic concrete type samples. Aggregrate and mortar is mixed together to create structural concrete used as building material. Use of the correctly sized fixture is key to the success of this tensile test.

ASTM D7137 Residual Strength Shear Fixture
ASTM D7137 - Residual Strength Shear 

The ASTM D7137 is an aerospace specification used to measure the shear strength of polymer matrix composites after they have been damaged by an impact. 

ASTM E238 Pin-Type Bearing Shear Fixture
ASTM E238 - Pin-Type Bearing Grip 

The ASTM E238 test involves a flat square plate specimen which has a hole towards the bottom side. A pin is put through this hole and pulled downward in order to shear the sample.

ASTM F1044 Shear Fixture
ASTM F1044 - Metallic Coatings Shear

The ASTM F1044 governs a test for measuring the shear strength of a calcium phosphate adhered to a metallic substrate. 

ASTM F2118 Fatigue Testing Grip.jpg
ASTM F2118 - Bone Cement Fatigue Grip

The ASTM F2118 grip is used for tensile/compression fatigue testing on acrylic bone cement. The sampled are cylindrical rods and are gripped using V jaw inserts. Check out our fatigue grips section for more information.  

ASTM D3410 Shear Loading Fixture
ASTM D3410 - Shear Loading Fixture

The ASTM D3410 fixture is used to compress a polymer matrix composite that is reinforced by high-modulus fibers. Carbon fiber is mounted into this fixture and then it is compressed in order to shear the material between its laminated layers. 

ASTM D7332 Fixture
ASTM D7332 - Fastener Pull Through Grip

The ASTM D7332 fixture is used to test te pull-through resistance of fasteners used in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites. 

ASTM A185 Shear Fixture.png
ASTM A185 - Rebar Weld Shear Fixture

The ASTM A185 fixture is used for testing steel rebar that is used in reinforced concrete. The bar or wire is welded together in a cross pattern. This fixture holds one of the bars in the lateral direction and one in the vertical direction. The A185 grip is adjustable depending on the gauge of the wire. A wedge grip is usually positioned opposite of this fixture to pull the sample.

ASTM A185 Shear Fixture.png
ASTM B406 - Transverse Rupture Fixture

The ASTM B406 is used for a transverse rupture test on cemented carbides. This test is similar to a guided bend test. The fixture is designed to sit between two fixed compression platens. The B406 fixture ships complete with the tungsten-carbide ball and supports

ASTM A185 Shear Fixture.png
ASTM D429 - Peel Fixture

The ASTM D429 fixture is used to mount a customer supplied substrate plate with the sample adhered to it. The sample is usually adhered in a 1x1” section. The sample is then pulled from the bottom using an additional tensile grip (sold seperately.) We also offer a similar fixture according to ISO 813, DIN 53531, and GOST 411. 

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