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Roller Grips - Self Tightening

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Self Tightening Eccentric Roller Grips are used for sample materials with high elongation such as elastomers and plastics. These types of grips are also commonly referred to as eccentric roller grips or cam grips. Other softer type materials like wood also use these self tightening tensile grips. There are two main types. The first only has one spring-actuated roller cam that presses against a flat metal surface. The other variation is not as popular and uses two rollers and is designed so that the strain and tightening force on the sample is symmetrical and balanced.     








Roller Grip                                                    Dual Roller

Eccentric Roller Grip
Double Roller Grip
Mini Roller Grip
22lb. - Mini Roller Grip - 100N

The Mini Roller Grips are very small and can only accomodate a sample that is 1 inch wide and 4 mm thick. 

Roller Cam Grips
225lb. - Roller Grip - 1kN

The 1kN roller grips are the most common. The self-tightening grip that is pictured uses a hook which allows for easy attachment to a Universal Testing Machine. The hook also acts a sa crude solution for self-aligning functionality. The roller drum can also be rubber coated. 

Wide Roller Grip
1000lb. - Roller Grip - 5kN

The 5kN roller grips are slightly larger. The roller drum is serrated which helps bite into softer samples like plastics. There is a spring actuated cam on the side which maintains pressure on the sample throughout the test. The sample width that can be accomodated is 2 inches but extra wide roller grips, like the one shown in the picture, are also available. 

large roller grip
2Klb. - Large Roller Grips - 10kN

The largest self-tightening roller grip is the 2,000 lb. version. These grips can handle a sample that is 0-8mm in thickness and up to 60mm in width. If the test requires a force above 10kN then wedge grips will generally be used. 

Dual Roller Grip
Dual Roller Grips

The dual roller grips are specialized option and not seen that often. By having two roller drums the force on the sample is symmetrical. The balanced loading allows for a more uniform tensile test result. 

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