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ASTM D2724

T-Peel Test on Laminated Fabrics


ASTM D2724 covers testing for laminated and bonded apparel fabrics. A type of T-peel test is described which is used to test the bond strength of the laminated fabric. The lamination process adds a protective film onto the textile which makes it more suitable for raincoats, shower curtains, outdoor camping gear, bags, and backpacks.


The sample is a length of fabric that is 3 inches wide. The laminate  or bonded layer is separated 1 inch down on the sample. 1/2" worth of  the 3" wide sample is then inserted into the grips. 


Vise Grips with jaw inserts that are slightly wider than 3" are required. Universal Grip recommends either rubber or serrated inserts which measure 30mmx80mm (HxW). Pneumatic Vise Grips are also available.


The bond strength is given by averaging The 20 peaks and 20 lows over 4 inches of sample length. 

Similar Specifications:

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