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Vise Grips are the most basic type of grip used by a Universal Testing Machine(UTM) for tensile testing. There are two main types, Low-Profile and U-Style. The Low-Profile version is lower cost but has a limitation on the width of the grip face inserts. The U-style is more standard and can accommodate larger jaw inserts. Two versions of the screw action also exist. The single action style has one fixed jaw and one moveable jaw that is tightened with a screw mechanism. Dual action uses two moveable grip faces. There are a few different types of grip face inserts available including diamondized, plain smooth metal, rubber, serrated, and wavy. Quick change inserts and pneumatic versions of almost every grip size are also available.  





















Low-Profile                              U - Style


The vise grips from Universal Grip have a special mechanism that allows them to strengthen the gripping force during a tensile test. The grip faces will slightly pivot as the tensile force increases. This changes the lateral grip force on the sample to be slightly angled. More force is subsequently placed on the back of the sample specimen. The diagram below demonstrates what is happening.









Tensile Testing Vise Grips
Vise grips for tensile testing
vise grip load deformation

The Quick Jaw Carrier

The quick jaw carrier is a mechanism which allows the operator to easily switch out different jaw inserts. Instead of manually screwing in each jaw on the vise grip, the quick change jaws easily slide and lock into place. This function saves a lot of time, especially if the UTM technician is switching between several ASTM test procedures which require differently sized jaw inserts. The quick jaws are highly recommended for users in the textile industry who switch between ASTM D751, D5035, D5034, and other similar tensile and tear tests on fabrics.

100N Tiny Vise Grips
22lb. - Tiny Vise Grips - 100N

The Tiny Vise Grips are quite small, they measure about 1 inch by 1.5 inches. They use a special, smaller adapter which can mount onto the more standard 5/8 eye end. A few different grip faces are available including smooth steel, serrated/pyramid, and rubber. 

225lb. 1kN Small Vise Grips
225lb. - Small Vise Grips - 1kN

The Small Vise Grips are the most common for testing packaging materials and tapes. The opening, as well as the grip face size and type are the most critical dimensions for a successful tensile test. There are a few variations, including a cheaper, lower profile grip and the standard U-style for use with grip faces larger than 30x30mm. 

Universal Testing machine Grips
1,000lb. - Vise Grips - 5kN

The 1,000 lb. Vise Grips are very similar to the previous version, just slightly bigger. Standard grip insert sizes are 30x50mm, 30x80, and 30x100. The grip opening is generally between 0-1 inch, wide vise grips are also available. 

Extra Wide Vise Grip
1,000lb. - Extra Wide Vise Grips - 5kN

The 1,000 lb. Extra Wide Vise Grips are designed for samples between 10-100mm. The max opening on the grips is almost 4 inches. A sliding channel is embedded in the grip to stabilize the jaws and the entire apparatus. 

Vise Grips Tensile Tester
2Klb. - Large Vise Grips - 10kN

The Large Vise Grips are for use with a dual column Universal Testing Machine for tensile tests. Vise grips at this size can be very finnicky and it is critical that the proper grip face insert is selected in order to guarantee a successful pull test.

Big Vise Grips
4.5Klb. - Steel Vise Grips - 20kN

These grips are good up to 20kN. They are not as commonly seen because most tests will require a wedge grip at this range of force in order to avoid slippage of the sample.  

20kN Vise Grips for Extra Wide Samples.jpg
20kN Vise Grips for Extra Tall + Wide

This specially designed vise grip has an opening of 4 inches or about 100mm for holding extra thick samples. Extra wide jaw inserts can also be used for over-sized samples. 

Big Vise Grips
Huge Vise Grips - 50kN+

The huge vise grips are necessary for procedures such as testing the tensile strength of Geo-Textiles.  The grip faces are tightened with a pneumatic torque wrench.

ASTM D4595 Vise Grips
50kN Vise Grips for ASTM D4595

The 50kN Vise Grips are Extra Wide to accommodate up to 8 inches of sample width. A 100kN version is also available in Steel. The grips can be tightened manually or with a pneumatic wrench. 

60kN Hydraulic Vise Grip
Hydraulic Vise Grips - 60kN

Hydraulic tensile vice grips are necessary for high strength testing especially for hard samples such as ceramics and steel. Our 60kN model can ship complete with a simple and compact pneumatic over hydraulic pump. 

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