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Benchtop Universal Testing Machines

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Benchtop material testing machines

The Universal Grip Company sells and supports the full line of premium benchtop universal testing machines from the Italian manufactuer Galdabini (est. 1890). The PC-controlled machines ship complete with the Graphworks 6 software for control and analysis. Each table top machine is configured according to the customer's needs based on ASTM tests or similar standards. UGC offers complete testing solutions including machines with environmental chambers, extensometers, safety cages, and automated loading features. Test frames can also be customized for extra tall or extra wide samples.

UTM installation and training
Metal Tensile Testing
Bend Testing on a Universal Testing Machine
Tensile Testing on a Galdabini UTM
Puncture Testing on a Benchtop Universal Testing Machine
Felxure Testing on a Galdabini Tensile Tester
Plastics Testing on a Galdabini Benchtop Tensile Tester
Quasar 2.5kN Universal Testing Machine
Quasar 5kN Universal Testing Machine
Quasar 2.5 kN

The Quasar 2.5kN machine is ideal for testing applications from 0-500 lbs. The single column design is ergonomic and has a very small footprint in a laboratory setting. The picture shows the machine complete with a long-travel extensometer for measuring high elongation on plastics, rubber, and textiles. The machine is controlled with a laptop or PC.

Quasar 5 kN

The Quasar 5kN is a a dual-column materials testing system. This is the smallest capacity machine which is able to use an environmental chamber. The extra tall version of this machine is often used in the rubber and elastomer industry to test high elongation materials. 

Quasar 10 kN

The Quasar 10kN is designed for testing between 0-2,000 lbs. This is a versatile machine and works great for testing elastomers, soft plastics, and textiles. 

Quasar 10kN Universal Testing Machine
Quasar 25 kN

The Quasar 25kN system can be outfitted with a thermostatic chamber testing at elevated temperatures. The system can also include a balanced extensometer for high accuracy elongation measurements. 

Quasar 25kN Universal Testing Machine
Quasar 100kN Universal Testing Machine
Quasar 50 kN

The Quasar 50kN tensile tester and compression testing machine can be outfitted with various grips and fixtures in order to perform different ASTM test procedures. The system can test up to about 11,000 lbs. and the Graphwork 6 software is easy to use.

Quasar 100kN Universal Testing Machine
Quasar 100 kN

The Quasar 100kN is the largest benchtop testing machine currently available in the market and is capable of testing up to 22,500 lbs. Galdabini offers immense value at this 100kN price point since most manufacturers need to switch to a more expensive floor standing design in order to achieve 100kN. This machine is designed with a superior gear-drive which allows it to test at high capacity with the benchtop for-factor. For applications over 100kN, please see our Floor-Standing Machines.

Quasar Special Testing Frame
Quasar Special Test Frames

Extra Tall frames are available for high elongation specimens. Extra wide frames are used in order to test boxes, furniture, and other wide sample types. These custom-sized universal testing machines take a bit longer to manufacture, however they are necessary for certain applications with large samples. Boxes, furniture, and large automotive parts would all be tested on an extra wide machine.

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