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500 lb. Single Column Tensile Testing Machine

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The 2.5kN or 500 lb. single column machine is ideal for low force testing. The benchtop machine fits into a tight workspace in any laboratory or manufacturing environment. This size machine is ideal for testing plastic, rubber, and textiles. Common tests include:


ASTM D5035 - Textile Tensile Testing

ASTM D790 - Plastics Flexural Strength

ASTM D412 - Rubber Tensile Testing

ASTM D3330 - Tape Peel Testing


The system can be customized with different load cells, grips, and accessories based on the testing application. Galdabini universal testing machines are easy to operate with the Graphworks 6 software.



Each Galdabini machine is manufactured with the highest quality standards. The manufacturing process is ISO 9001:2008 certified and the systems require virtually no maintenance besides annual calibration. 



In Stock!

Universal Grip stocks the 2.5kN machines at its facility in Salem, MA. This system can arrive the same week an order is placed, complete with load cell and basic testing fixtures. 

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