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Arbor Press for Cutting ASTM Samples

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Arbor Presses use mechanical leverage in order to cut ASTM Sample dies. Up to 26kN of force can be applied to the die without the need for machine power. The manual press can be bolted directly to a work bench. This helps to secure the press, allowing a person to use two hands and really push down on the lever.  


The die is attached to the end of the press arm and a hard nylon counterplate is placed underneath the die. A 120x220mm counterplate is included with the press. ASTM specific dies are used based on the exact specimen sizes laid out in the test procedure.

Arbor Press
ASTM Cutting Die and Arbor Press Set

Pneumatic Presses for Easy Die Cutting

Cutting multiple ASTM samples with a manual arbor press can be hard work. UGC recommends a pneumatic press when cutting more than 10 samples daily in a production environment. The pneumatic press uses compressed air to force the die down onto the sample. Using an air driven press is easy, efficient and Universal Grip supplies the press with all required hoses, switches and couplings including a 1/4" quick disconnect pneumatic coupling. Quiet compressors are also available.

A pneumatic press can be dangerous if it is not operated correctly. Universal Grip offers an optional safety switch which requires the operator to simultaneously press two buttons with both hands, away from the press.

8kN Arbor Press
8kN Manual Hand Press

Smallest and most economical press. Used for cutting rubber and thin plastic. This is the ideal press for cutting samples according to ASTM D624 and ASTM D412

17kN Arbor Press
17kN Arbor Press

The 17 kN is slightly larger and has a longer handle for a better mechanical advantage. This press can be used for thin metals and certain types of reinforced plastics. This press can be used for cutting copper and aluminum foil samples according to ASTM E345.

26kN Large Arbor Press
26kN Arbor Press

The 26kN Arbor press is the largest hand operated press. It can handle the thicker, hardened steel dies which are used to cut thin sheets of metal and plastic. This press can also be used for 180 degree and 90 degree bend tests on steel. This bigger press can cut virtually any type of plastic used for ASTM D638 or ASTM D790.

17kN Pneumatic Press

The 17kN Pneumatic Press ships complete with all required hoses, fittings, and basic switches. The two hand safety switches can be added as an optional item. The pneumatic press is simple to install and setup. It is compatible with virtually any modern compressor with quick-disconnect fittings. The pneumatic presses are ideal for cutting larger amounts of sample specimens.

17kN Pneumatic Press with Safety Switches
34kN Pneumatic Press

The 34kN Pneumatic Press is the highest strength press and is used for cutting hard plastic and thin metal samples. The press hooks up to a compressor and uses 6 bar or roughly 75 psi. This press uses the hardened steel cutting dies for cutting sheet materials from 0-5mm thick.

34kN Pneumatic Press for Cutting ASTM Samples

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