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ASTM Specimen Preparation Tools

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The Universal Grip Company offers a large collection of premium ASTM specific sample preparation tools. All of our cutting dies are machined using high accuracy wire EDM (electrical discharge machining). The dies are heat treated and then hand sharpened.  The measurement accuracy of the cutting die designs are within +/- 0.04 which meets and exceeds ASTM, ISO, and other testing standards.  Die-cutting arbor presses are also available and are sized and priced based on the amount of force needed.  Cutting dies can be outfitted with adapters and used directly on a universal testing machine to cut sample specimens. Pneumatically driven presses make die cutting easy and efficient, especially in manufacturing environments. Gauge Length Marking Tools are also available to deposit reflective tape on samples for laser and video extensometers.



     Arbor Press                       Cutting Dies
















Arbor Press for cutting ASTM specimens
ASTM Cutting Dies
Gauge Length Marking Tool
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