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Steel Wire Tensile Testing

Rope testing grip
Standard Test Method for Tension Testing of
Wire Ropes and Strand

ASTM A931 covers the tensile test procedure of steel wire and strand. Often times the strand is braided or wound in order to increase its overall strength and durability. Both braided wire and strand can be tested in a similar fashion. 



Almost all steel strand and wire ropes are cylindrical, similar to a rope. In some rare occasions that can be flat, in which case a wrap grip should be used instead of a rope grip. 



Rope grips are ideal for testing any stype of radial cordage. The wire is wrapped around the drum several times and then tightened in the serrated jaw grip. 



Ultimate Breaking Force, Yield Strength, and Elongation are the basic calculations. The modulus of elasticity can also be deterined. Other advanced calculations involve elongating the rope to a percentage strain and taking measurements.


Similar Specifications:

ASTM D4268


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