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Tools for Cutting Metal ASTM Samples

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Preparing metal specimens for tensile testing requires the use of special cutting tools. Universal Grip offers a complete line of sample preparation tools for cutting aluminum, iron, steel and other metals according to ASTM and ISO standards. Depending on the type of metal, different solutions may be more or less appropriate. Presses for cutting metal samples are a big investment and require careful planning. In order for us to offer the best solution, please review and use our Punch Press Inquiry Sheet. 


Universal Grip has partnered with Schuetz & Licht of Germany to offer customized and application specific tensile cutting solutions. Schutz & Licht has been manufacturing Sheet metal tensile specimen preparation equipment since 1970. 

Proper Sample Preparation for ASTM E8
and Sheet Metal - Sample Grinding

After a tensile bar has been punched out on a press, the sides should be smoothed down with a grinding machine. When the sample is initially punched, the edges will be warped and compressed. This warping on the edges can effect tensile test measurements up to 5% and Poisson's Ratio measurements by up to 25%! It is highly recommended that the sample edges are ground down to ensure proper sample preparation for ASTM E8, ASTM A370, and other metal tensile tests. 

ASTM Cutting Die and Arbor Press Set
- Cut Specimens in Minutes
- Configured to your application
- Easy to Operate & Maintain
- Lifetime Support - Never Obsoleted

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