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Pincer and Pinch grips are both used to grab small areas of a sample for a tensile test. These fixtures are ideal for testing end-consumer products because the grip actuation resembles two fingers pinching together and pulling on something. 

Pinch grips are spring loaded, so the grip exerts a constant lateral force on the sample. The spring can be tensioned in such a way so as to increase or decrease the amount of pinching force. By turning the knob at the end of the grip, the amount of pinching force can be finely adjusted. 

Pincer grips use a vise screw to actuate the fixture and close the two sides in on themselves. Pincer grips are great for getting into tight spaces. They are commonly used for pull-off testing of components on printed circuit boards. Pneumatic versions of the pincer style fixtures are also available.

Pinch Grip with a Chain pull-testing a Freshness Seal

ASTM F2824 Tensile test on Flexible Peelable Lids using a pinch grip and 90 degree peel fixture.

Pincer Grips
Pinch Grips
Small Pincer Grips
Small Pincer Grip

The small pincer grip is capable of holding about 100N or around 20 lbs. The maximum opening is 4mm. The fixture is made of hardened steel and weighs 95 grams. The end of the grip can be fastened to a chain to help with self alignment, or it could be attached directly to a female adapter coupling. 

Wide Pincer Grips
Wide Pincer Grip

The wide pincer grip is used for testing slightly larger samples. This fixture works great for testing handles on bags and latches on containers. The end pieces are curved which resembles the last joint on a finger. These curved ends can changed to straight. This pincer grip works up to abouot 500N and weighs 180 grams.

Pneumatic Pincer Grips
Pneumatic Pincer Grip

The pneumatic pincer grip is one of the strongest pinch grips because it uses air pressure to keep the sample restrained. This pneumatic fixture has a horizontal gripping force of 2kN. pneumatic grips are easy to install and can help to accelerate and automate laboratory testing. 

Large Pincer Grip
Large Pincer Grip

This is our largest pincer grip and can hold a tensile strength of about 2kN, or around 400 lbs. The opening is 0 - 10 mm with a 1 inch by 1 inch clamping surface. The surfaces on the inside of the jaws have a serrated or pyramid pattern. These grips are also great for tensile pulls on tapes and adhesive laminate coatings.

Spring Loaded Pinch Grip with Chain
Pinch Grip with Chain

The chain can be added to the end of any type of pincer or pinch grip. The chain helps to align the tensile force. It also helps with sample mounting, as the operator can put some slack into the chain in order to maneuver the fixture to the correct spot on the sample.

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