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Shoulder Grips

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Shoulder grips are a great solution for a myriad of different types of samples including wire crimps, plugs, and connectors. The term shoulder grip is used to broadly define any grip with a specially designed ledge for a sample to rest upon. The widest part of the sample rests on the shoulder ledge, and then the sample is pulled or pushed from the other side. These types of tensile grips are ideal for testing button heads, bolts, briquets, nails, rivets and screws.

These fixtures can also be used for compression tests, for example, pushing a syringe plunger down. Shoulder grips are mostly used for final product testing, however there are a few ASTM procedures which use this type of grip including ASTM C307 for testing cement briquets. Shoulder grips can be attached onto any size tensile testing machine by using adapters.

ASTM C307 Briquet Tensile Grip
ASTM C307 Briquet Grip

The Briquet shoulder grip is used for testing cement, mortar, grout, and other types of monolithic construction materials. A centering arm is used to properly position and align the sample prior to beginning the test. The rollers on the end of the fixture are measured to an exact diameter of 12.7mm or about one half of an inch. The standard size fixture can accomodate samples which are 1 inch in thickness and 1.25" in width at is thinnest point.

ASTM B913 Shoulder Grip
ASTM B913 Grip

This tensile grip is used for testing wire crimps, plugs and connectors on wire of up to 16 gauge in thickness. This design has a chuck with different sized ledges in order to test a variety of wire sizes. Simply spin the chuck to the correctly sized ledge, and then insert the wire and pull from the other end using a rope or wrap grip. 

Shoulder Grip

For testing bolts, nails, rivets, and standard ASTM E8 type samples without threads. 

Shoulder Grip with exchangeable inserts
Shoulder Grip with exchangeable inserts

The ideal grip setup for testing different sizes of button head style rods. This shoulder grip design has exchangeable inserts that are easy to replace. The exact sizes of the insert is specified by the customer based on the sample size. This is the fastest fixture for loading E8 or similar types of tensile rods in a production environment.

Syringe Shoulder Grip

This grip design is used to hold a syringe in place. A small compression platen is attached to the top adapter and comes down on the syringe and depresses the plunger. 

ASTM D7332 Grip
ASTM D7332 Grip

This grip is designed to test the fastener pull-through strength of fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites. A composite, such as carbon fiber, is put into a slot and a fastener is dropped through the hole. The fastener is pulled from the other side with a pinch grip or some other form of tensile grip. 

Cap Remover Grip

The bottle cap remover grip is used to test consumer products. Each one is designed for the specific test at hand. 

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