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Rope Grips for Universal Testing Machines

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Narrow or Cylindrical Cord


Rope Grips are designed for tensile testing of cordage - ropes, strands, twine, thread, and wire. The smaller rope grips can be used for testing monofilaments used for sutures in biomedical applications. The sample string is wound around the drum several times before being secured with a type of vise fixture. Along with our standard mechanical product line covering 0 - 100kN, UGC also offers pneumatic versions of these grips which are opened and closed using air pressure. 


The working principle for these grips involves the coefficient of friction of the underlying material. By winding the rope around itself several times, the frictional area is increased. This technique spreads the testing stress over a larger section of the rope which reduces the chance of failed tests due to bad sample breaks or slippage. The drum is sized appropriately based on the anticipated force of the test (kN or lbs). 




Narrow Cord
Small Wrap Grip
225 lb. Small Rope Grip - 1 kN

Small Rope Grips are used for strength testing of floss, threads, fibers, elastomers, twine, yarn, and other small cordage materials. The string is wound around the center wrap drum several times before it is tightened with a single action vise grip. 

Wrap Grip
1K lb. Rope Grip - 5kN

The 1K Rope Grip is more robust but uses a similar design to the small rope grip. These rope fixtures are used for rope strength testing, wire tensile strength testing, and synthetic fiber tensile tests. 

Large Wrap Grip
4.5K lb. Rope Grip - 20kN

This Rope Grip uses a slightly different design. The rope is wrapped several times around the drum and then secured in a "figure 4" configuration. These grips are for use on a dual column universal testing machine. 

Rope Grip
10K lb. Rope Grip - 50kN

The 50kN Rope Grip actually can reach slightly over 11,000 lbs. Again the design has changed slightly but the same common working principle applies. 

22K lb. Big Rope Grip - 100kN

These heavy duty wrap grips are used for industrial cordage applications such as maritime and crane work. The large rope drum can accomodate thick ropes and wires. 

Large Wrap Grip
Wide Webbing
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