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Standard Test Method for Bursting Strength of Textiles-Constant-Rate-of-Traverse (CRT) Ball Burst Test

ASTM D3787 is used to determine the resistance of textiles to physical stresses. Using the ball shape, the strain is spread out over a relatively large area so there are no localized points of stress such as in other types of puncture tests that may use a sharp point.  

This test uses the same exact fixture as the ASTM D6797 test. 


The diameter of the ball is 1 inch and the diameter of the inner circle is 1.75 inches or about 44.45mm. 2" Square samples are used and secured with the screws on the ring of the fixture. The standard size adapter is 5/8". See the literature for more information. 


The D3787 puncture fixture is specifically design to conform to this standard. The fixture has a special ridge pattern in between the two ciruclar plates where the sample sits. These ridges or channels help to secure the sample and avoid any slippage.


The calculations include the burst strength which is the peak load seen right before the rupture. Average burst strength and other analyses are focused on the variability of the textile between samples and tests. The Galdabini Graphwork 6 software can peform individual test analysis as well as statistical analysis on a batch of tests. The system can also print out test reports which can be distributed to clients. 

ASTM D3787

Ball Burst Puncture Fixture 


ASTM D3787 Puncture Fixture
ASTM D3787 and D6797 25.4mm Puncture Plunger
ASTm D6797 Ball Burst Puncture Fixture Closeup
ASTM D6797 Mounted on a Universal Testing Machine
ASTM D3797 mounted on a Universal Testing Machine
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