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Shear Testing Fixtures

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Shear Fixtures are used to create shear stress on a sample in order to induce a rupture. Most shear fixtures are specially designed for specific testing procedures. Rigid materials are tested to failure in the shear mode when the layers of material are laterally shifted in relation to each other. UGC carries one of the largest collections of ASTM specific shear grips and fixtures.


Types of Composite Materials

Shear Testing is most commonly performed on polymer composites used in the Aerospace industry. Many composite materials are layered, which is also known as a sandwich construction. The different layers of material allow for different material strength characteristics. For instance, carbon fiber filaments are often layered together with a high-strength adhesive in order to create a flexible material with high tensile strength. The composite layers can be arranged in different orientations in order to achieve different performance. 


Bolt Shear Testing Fixture
Bolt Shear Fixture

The Bolt Shear Fixture is used to test bolts, fasteners, nails, screws, and other cylindrically shaped specimens. Bolt shear is one of the simplest types of shear tests. 

ASTM D905 Shear Fixture
ASTM D905 Shear Fixture

The ASTM D905 Fixture is used for testing adhesive bonds on wood samples.

ASTM C273 Shear Fixture
ASTM C273 Shear Fixture

The ASTM C273 Shear Fixture is used to test the adhesive bonds of Core Sandwich Materials.

ASTM D5379 Shear Fixture
ASTM D5379 Shear Fixture

The ASTM D5379 Iosipescu Shear Fixture is used to test composites by the V-notched beam method. This method and fixture can be used for both in-plane shear loading and interlaminar shear loading.

ASTM D4501 Shear Fixture
ASTM D4501 Shear Fixture

The ASTM D4501 Shear Fixture is used to test adhesive bonds by the Block-Shear Method

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ASTM D7078 Shear Grip
ASTM D6484 Shear Grip
ASTM D6484 Shear Grip

The ASTM D6484 Shear grip is used to end loaded open-hole shear testing

Lipstick Shear Testing Fixture.jpg
Lipstick Shear Testing Fixture

The Lipstick Shear Testing Fixture is used to test the strength of lipstick and similar types of makeup products that are sold in a tube form. The Fixture includes a few different options for holding and shearing the sample.  

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