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ASTM D905 - Wood Shear Adhesive Test Fixture

Standard Test Method for Strength Properties of Adhesive Bonds in Shear by Compression Loading



Wood used for construction must be rigorously tested to ensure the fidelity of the structure. This method is used to test the shear strength of adhesive bonds that are commonly used to afix two pieces of wood together. This test is employed by companies that manufacture products such as wood glue. Glues and adhesives are increasingly used in the construction of products in order to aid in manufacturability as well as lightweighting. A small amount of glue is much lighter than a bolt and screw and much easier for a robot or machine to apply.



The ASTM D905 fixture conforms to the standard. The shearing end acts as a guillotine to shear apart two blocks which are glued and staggered by a quarter inch. The guillotine is self-aligning, providing a perfect perpendicular force. The width and height of the sample blocks is important as well as the total expected shearing force. The  top of the fixture is locked into place with a standard adapter eye end, locking pin and jam nut. The bottom of the fixture lies flat on the bottom base area of the testing machine.


The Universal Grip Company is the only company to offer public knowledge about the construction and operation of this shear fixture. If you have any questions about it, please contact us!

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ASTM D905 Wood Shear Strength
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