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Bolt Grips for Tensile Testing

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Bolt grips are also known as threaded grips and they are used for tensile testing procedures on bolts, rods, screws and other cylinder type samples. The grips are female threaded in order to match up with the specimen. Either one or both of the grips can be threaded.


Quick Change Bolt Grip with Threaded Inserts

Samples that have a screw head can be lowered into a special top grip. The head rests on a recessed ledge inside of the bored out tube. The bottom grip is the only one used to screw on the sample. 

Quick change threaded inserts are also used when testing different sized bolts.

Simply drop a different sized insert into the tube to quickly switch between

test specimens.


How to know which Size you need

Depending on the load different sized fixtures and adapters are used. The

standard 5/8" clevis pin adapter is used up to about 10kN. The next size up is

1 1/4" and is good up to about 50kN. 40mm is good for 100kN. Add 10 mm

in diameter for each 50kN above 100kN. So a 150kN grip would need a 50mm

adapter. For more information on mounting grips and fixtures to the testing 

machine please visit our adapters page. 











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