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Briquette Tensile Testing Fixture


ASTM C307 is used to determine the tensile strength of mortars and grouts which are used in between bricks and other stone building materials.  These materials are termed surfacing materials because they are spread onto a brick or stone surface via a trowel, or other type of depositing mechanism. 

While these materials are usually under compressive forces, this tensile test helps to give some indication of other properties such as the rate of curing and how the material could perform in non-100% vertical applications. 


The sample resembles a rounded bow tie and is 1" wide at the center gauge area. This fixture conforms to the suggested and standardized ASTM measurements. 


The C307 briquette tensile testing fixture can attach onto any existing or new Universal Testing Machine by means of a clevis pin style adapter. 

Briquette molds are also available for pouring and curing new specimens


The maximum or ultimate tensile strength is the most common measurement. 

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