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Texture Profile Analysis

Gumminess Fixture
Gumminess - Texture Profile Analysis

Gumminess characterizes semi-solid foods and is calculated from Hardness*Cohesiveness. Taffy, cake, cold ice cream, and soft cheeses have quantifiable Gumminess values. 


Gumminess can be tested with a few different fixtures, including a Kramer Shear Cell or a small glass or stainless steel compression platen. The type of food or material being tested must be a true semi-solid. No types of condiments, puddings, or yogurts should be analyzed for Gumminess since they are not chewy. Therefore they do not exhibit true cohesiveness and springiness values which is problematic when calculating Gumminess.  


It follows under the standard practice of Texture Profile Analysis that Gumminess is calculated from the Hardness times the Cohesiveness. 


Hardness is given by the peak load of the initial compression.


Cohesiveness is given by the total work on the second chew compression divided by the total work of the initial chew. Work in joules is calculated by taking the area under the Load(Y) and Time(x) curve. 

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