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Shear Testing Aluminum Rod, Rivets, and Wire

ASTM B565 Shear Fixture.jpg
Testing Machine for ASTM B565

ASTM B565 specifies a shear test for aluminum and aluminum alloy. This shear test is designed to test cylindrical rod samples including rivets and wire. This is a double shear test and the sample is pulled between three connection points, two on the bottom and one on the top. 


The test standard allows for many different sizes of rod. The size is determined by the diameter and a popular testing diameter is .25". The diameter of the rod must be equal the the thickness of the center shear plate. This allows for an exact square section to be sheared. 


Universal Grip offers a double shear fixture with exchangeable inserts to test different sizes of rod. The diameter of the sample rod is customer specified. The edges of the shearing hole are sharpened according to the standard to ensure a more uniform shear point. 

Along with the shear fixture, Universal Grip also offers a full line of universal testing machines from Italian manufacturer Galdabini. The machines can be pre-programmed with the ASTM B565. Galdabini machines are extremely flexible and very easy to use via the test setup wizard. 


Shear strength for ASTM B565 is calculated as a function of peak load and the diameter of the sample. The official formula is relatively simple and can be read in the official ASTM publication. Universal Grip can program this calculation into the Graphwork 6 software for Galdabini tensile testing machines.

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