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ASTM D3574

Foam Compression Testing Fixtures

Standard Test Methods for Flexible Cellular Materials—Slab, Bonded, and Molded Urethane Foam

ASTM D3574 specifies several test methods for polyeurethane foams. Different test fixtures are needed depending on the specific method being performed. All of the compression tests require the 400x400mm or 16x16" square platen with holes drilled into it at 20mm centers. 


The test specified the 400x400mm lower compression platen, however many users will use a custom 200x200mm platen. By using the smaller sized samples, more test specimens can be created which reduces testing costs. 

Different top compression platens are used depending on the specific method at hand. All of the tests, except for the I3 constant pounding test, use the 8" circular compression platen mounted on a swivel joint. The platen is solid with no holes and has a beveled edge.  


Compression Platens with Drilled Holes for Indentation Force Deflection and similar compression tests.


Vise grips or Self tightening scissor grips for tensile tests.

Galdabini's line of benchtop, dual-column Universal Testing Machines are capable of testing the full range of ASTM D3574 test methods with the exception of the I3 Constant Force Pounding test. 


IFD, ILD, Hysteresis, Support Factor, "Softness."

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