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Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Single Textile Fiber


Single Fibers can be good indicators for the tensile strength and characteristics of woven fabrics. When fibers are twisted they can exhibit even stronger tensile strength.


Many rope winders and other manufacturers will use this test in order to verify their suppliers and fine tune their manufacturing process.  As you can see from the figure, the warp direction has many individual fibers under tension. Knowing the working tension ranges is critical for a high-speed manufacturing line. 



The test is design to test single fibers. The definition is a bit loose and is more based on the diameter of the tested specimen. Once the samples start to become thicker and woven in any way, ASTM D4268 for ropes must be used



This wrap fixture is rated to 5kN and is ideal for single fiber tensile testing. The center wrap drum is used to dissipate the stress forces which allows for a more uniform test. This grip uses a standard adapter fixture and pneumatic versions are also available. Ultimate Tensile Strength and Elongation are the standard results for this test.


ASTM D3822

Single Fiber Tensile Grip

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