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Tire Cord and Yarn Grip

Standard Test Methods for Tire Cords, Tire Cord Fabrics, and Industrial Filament Yarns Made from Manufactured Organic-Base Fibers

ASTM D885 is a relatively simple test for testing yarns and fibers that are used in industrial applications. Tires use a considerable amount of these engineered filaments in order to reinforce them but also keep them flexible. This procedural summary demonstrates the ideal test grip for testing individual fibers, yarns and cords. 


The geometry is simple, a thread specimen is tested with a gauge length of 10 inches. 


Universal Grip offers specialized wrapping fixtures for testing individual threads. This specific wrap grip uses a pneumatic clamp in order to secure the specimen.


The grips must be able to pull at a constant rate of extension on a CRE machine, or similar UTM. 


Ultimate Tensile Strength is the most common numerical result that can be gleaned from this type of testing. Elongation at break is also important.

Similar Specifications:

ASTM D3822

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