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100kN Galdabini Universal Testing Machine

 Small Bend Fixture

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Fixture Specifications

The small bend fixture is available as both a 3 point or 4 point fixture. They are also available in either aluminum (2.5kN or 500lbs.) or steel (10kN or 2,000 lbs.) There are several different options for supports and rollers depending on the ASTM procedure. The small bend fixture can be configured for the following tests:

ASTM D790 - Plastics Flexural Testing

ASTM D6272 - 4 pt. Plastics Flex Testing

ASTM D1161 - Ceramic Composites Bend Test

This fixture supports testing spans of 4-150mm. Extra long fixtures are available. 

The supports have 30mm in width which corresponds to the samples width. Extra wide custom supports are available.

Adapter - The fixture has a female 5/8" clevis coupling and uses a 5/16" locking pin. Adapters are available to fit any machine. 


The bend fixture can be customized with a series of different types of supports and rollers.


Fixed Supports - solid machined blocks with specific radius. The fixed supports are reverse-able,  except if it is the 3rd point loading nose support.

Articulating Rollers - Interchangeable rollers with different radius can be loaded onto the supports and fixed with a small elastic band. The supports can be toggled to be either fixed or articulating by removing the small locking pins. Rollers are available from 1-12.7mm in diameter. For larger diameters, it is necessary to move up to the Medium Bend Fixture. 

Custom supports and fixtures are available.

Equipment Options

The small bend fixture is designed for use with a Universal Testing Machine. UGC supports the full line of Galdabini's premium line of UTM's manufactured in Italy.

Deflectometers are often used in conjunction with a bend fixture. The deflectometer is a type of strain gauge which allows for high precision strain measurements for advanced testing methods. Fixtures are available with a deflectometer holder. UGC also supports a full line of deflectometers and strain gauges for any modern testing machine. 

Guided 4 pt. bend Fixture
bend fixture
Guided bend testing fixture
4 point bend
Bend Fixture Rollers_edited
Bend Fixture Extra Wide Fins2
2.5kN 3 pt Articulating Bend Fixture
3 point Bend Test on a universal testing machine
Universal Testing Machine for 4 pt. bend testing

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