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ASTM D1388

Fabric Stiffness Cantilever Bend Fixture

ASTM D1388 fixture.jpg

Flexural rigidity plays a pivotal role in the production of forming fabrics within the paper manufacturing industry. These forming fabrics, akin to colossal continuous belts, play an integral part in the paper-making process. A thin layer of paper pulp is deposited onto these fabrics, subsequently drying to yield sheets of paper. The precise flexural characteristics of these fabrics are imperative in ensuring the efficiency and quality of this industrial process.


The fixture itself boasts dimensions of approximately 1.5 feet in width and 1 foot in height. Its defining feature is the bending ledge, which spans a width of 40mm. The indicative bending ledge is initially set at a 41.5-degree angle; however, it can be readily adjusted to a 45-degree angle as necessitated by the specific test requirements.


Universal Grip offers a straightforward cantilever bend fixture for conducting this test. The sample material is manually extended until it reaches a point of full bending, coming into contact with the inclined ledge. For added precision and control, enhancements can be incorporated into the fixture design, including the integration of controlled hand cranks.


One noteworthy aspect of ASTM D1388 is its simplicity, as it obviates the need for specialized testing machines or supplementary fixtures. The procedure entails extending the sample material from the fulcrum point until it naturally yields to gravitational forces, achieving contact with the angled ledge. Subsequently, the bend length is measured, and the flexural rigidity is computed by applying the formula provided within the official publication for this standard.

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