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 10kN Universal Testing Machine

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Quasar 10kN Universal Testing Machine

The 10kN or 2,500 lb. Quasar is an ultra precise dual column materials testing system from Galdabini. This machine uses the industry standard ball screw design to bidirectionally move the cross-head up and down.  The frame is extremely rigid, with a deformation of less than 0.1mm at the maximum 10kN load.

ASTM D638 - Plastics Tensile Strength

ASTM D695 - Plastics Compression Strength

ASTM D732 - Plastics Shear Testing

ASTM D790 - Plastics Bend Testing


The machine can be accessorized with grips, fixtures, and extensometers for high precision materials research. Galdabini's Graphworks software is high featured and very flexible, allowing operators to perform virtually any testing standard. 



All Galdabini machines are constructed under ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing process.

After-Sales Support

Every Galdabini machine includes lifetime remote support directly from the manufacturer. TeamViewer is used to remotely access the machine and diagnose any potential issues.

Calibration and maintenance can be performed by any local force calibration professional.

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