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 5kN Tensile Testing Machine

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The 5kN or 1,125 lb. machine is the lowest capacity dual column testing machine from Galdabini. This machine is ideal for testing plastics, rubber, and bio-medical materials. The dual column design allows for a wide array of grips and fixtures. 

ASTM D638 - Plastics Tensile Strength

ASTM D695 - Plastics Compression Strength

ASTM D732 - Plastics Shear Testing

ASTM D790 - Plastics Bend Testing


The machine can be outfitted with a large number of fixtures to perform different types of tests. This universal testing machine can perform tensile, compression, bend, shear, puncture, and peel tests. The Galdabini testing system software Graphwork 6 is flexible and very easy to learn. The machines can arrive pre-programmed with the desired ASTM tests. New tests can be programmed easily by using the test setup wizard. 



Galdabini has been manufacturing high quality machines since 1890 and UTMs since the 1930's. The manufacturing process is ISO 9001:2008 certified and the systems require virtually no maintenance besides annual calibration. 

Great Pricing!

Take advantage of the low Euro and add capability to your testing lab. 

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